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Black Friday shopping event: Apple offers

Black Friday shopping event: Apple offers

Black Friday is one of the most important events in American commercial industry. On Friday after Thanksgiving Day, the powerful stream of Americans flow in the shops, where this Friday called Black. Apple bowed out of Black Friday festivities last year.

On Black Friday, Apple offers a lot of interesting discounts to the customer. On Black Friday, you can buy the most expensive and high-tech goods, jewellery and other items can be purchased for a song. It is the favourite day of the year, probably, Americans find it even more popular than Christmas. If you’re hoping to get some deals on Apple products on Black Friday, the company is glad to help you.

Apple has published a new page on its website teasing a Black Friday shopping event, this page will be valid only for one day, be attentive! The magic deals will be available both online and in stores. On Tuesday, the company sent an e-mail to customers with the same hints but no mention of deals.

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Black Friday for Apple is still an unclear event. There were some attempts to deal with this discount day, but in 2015, the corporation changed the approach and sat out of the Black Friday festivities.

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According to Apple’s senior vice president of retail Angela Ahrendts, no need to wait for offer any Black Friday promotions because ‘being good to your employees will always be good for your business.’ It’s unclear what made Apple change its mind about Black Friday. The company did not immediately respond to a request to comment on the move.