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Bolivian president celebrates victory in general elections

Bolivian president celebrates victory in general elections

Bolivia has voted for Evo Morales as president for the fourth time in a row, Prensa Latina reports on Monday. The victory of the Socialist Movement (MAS) in the general elections of Bolivia was officially announced.

Evo Morales held the press conference late midnight Sunday, president-elected proudly said that the Socialist Movement ‘won once more, four consecutive historical and unedited elections.’

Speaking to the nation from the Quemado Palace, former headquarters of the Presidency, Morales has thanked as well the national and departmental electoral authorities for this new victory in Bolivia.

The head of state informed that the MAS has secured the absolute majority in the Chamber of Deputies and the majority in the Senate. Evo Morales stressed that MAS victory is due to the people’s awareness, and they will wait until ‘the last vote counted to continue with our process of change’.

Movement to Socialism should consolidate Bolivia: Morales

The Movement to Socialism (MAS) as the ruling party will definitely continues to consolidate the country, said President. Over the years, MAS outperforms its closest rival, the conservative alliance of the Citizen Community (CC), in five of the nine departments of the country, according to partial results released Sunday night.

According to the Supreme Electoral Court, after 83 percent of the votes counted, the MAS surpasses CC in the departments of Cochabamba (55.1 percent); La Paz (52.3); Potosí (48.6); Oruro (47.6) and Pando (43.8).

Nationally, the MAS marches first in the count with 45.71 percent of the votes valid on this day. CC leads the MAS in the departments of Santa Cruz (47.3); Chuquisaca (46.3), Tarija (42.7) and Beni (36.9).

According to the projections of statisticians, the numbers could still vary, although they consider the victory of the MAS and President Evo Morales consolidated. in the fourth time in a row, Mr Morales will lead Bolivia to the bright future.