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Bono meets with Mike Pence: video

Bono meets with Mike Pence: video

Bono surprised colleagues and fans with his an impromptu meeting with Mike Pence on Saturday and another important event. On Friday, the Irish musician’s speech at the Munich Security conference had a success.

Bono met with Mike Pence, ‘the second busiest man in America’, on Saturday, the U2 frontman and activist thanked the vice president in the fields of the Munich Security Conference.

Both men were scheduled to speak individually, during the conversation Bono thanked Pence for backing the Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) in 2003. That time Congressman Pence represented Indiana and made a lot for the PEPFAR’s smooth activity.

Video from the meeting of Bono and Pence is below.

On Friday’s speech of Bono at the conference, the musician argued for investing in developing nations, the activist added as well:

“I don’t see a body of water wide enough, or a wall high enough, to keep these problems from our doors… The frontier of national interest is no longer the national border.”