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Border wall with Mexico: $1 billion for 62 miles

Border wall with Mexico: $1 billion for 62 miles

Border wall with Mexico will cost at least $1 billion, this constructive element should cover 62 miles, including replacing some existing fencing along the southern border.

President Trump wants a wall, while the border experts want a fence to protect the US from the Mexican illegal migrants. The building of this wall was one of the most controversial pre-election promises of Trump, now, his administration wants the first $1 billion of border wall funding to cover 62 miles.

So far, the initial amount ($999 million) was requested by the White House for defence and border security. According to CNN, this money should cover 48 of 62 miles of new wall, inform the justification papers from the Department of Homeland Security.

The details of mileage and its dollar coverage are simple: the instalment funds 14 miles of new border wall in San Diego, 28 miles of new levee wall barriers and six miles of new border wall in the Rio Grande Valley region and 14 miles of replacement fencing in San Diego.

Trump and Mexico wall

Trump intends to build a wall, not a fence as experts recommend

President Trump made building a border along the entire US Southern border a centerpiece of his presidential programme. After his victory, Trump repeated to the Mexican counterpart that Mexico would pay for the wall not fence.

The presidential administration requested $1 billion in its supplemental for 2017 plus another $2.6 bn for border infrastructure and technology in 2018. Estimates for a full wall along the Southern border have ranged from $12 bn to more than $20 bn.