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Boris Becker leaves role at German Tennis Federation

Boris Becker leaves role at German Tennis Federation

Tennis star Boris Becker has announced he’s stepping down from the Davis Cup team at the German Tennis Federation, Tennis Head Magazine has learned. He will leave the post at the end of the year.

Boris Becker, the six-time Grand Slam winner, said he has no longer had enough time to do the extensive job that he started in 2017. As head of men’s tennis in Germany, he visited academies, watched youth tournaments and was in overall charge of the Davis Cup operation.

Now, Mr Becker is busy with the bankruptcy proceedings. The German athlete has been charged in London over accusations he hid assets including two Wimbledon trophies, real estate and bank accounts. If convicted, the champion could be jailed for several years.

Commenting on his forced decision, Becker said he currently doesn’t have the time to continue doing extensive work at the Deutscher Tennis Bund (DTB, German Tennis Federation).

However, he didn’t exclude that in foreseeable future he will be back to the DTB to take on an even bigger task if the opportunity arises. Becker added that was a great honour to lead German tennis in the men’s and junior division together with Michael Kohlmann who will replace Boris Becker after he leaves.

DTB President Ulrich Klaus has left the door open for a return for Becker, stressing that the work he had done was on a voluntary basis.