Today: Wednesday, 21 February 2024 year

Boris Johnson flies to New York for talks with Donald Trump’s team

Boris Johnson as the UK’s foreign secretary has flown to New York, where he will have the formal meetings with Donald Trump’s administration. It is Johnson’s second visit to New York, his first was to the UNGA.

The foreign secretary flew to Ney York for his first face-to-face talks with the members of President-elect administration. The foreign secretary already has met Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon. The first is Trump’s son-in-law, the second person is the White House chief strategist. Since the moment of the election of Trump in November, it is the first formal talks between the UK and new Trump’s transition administration.

The prime minister Theresa May commented this visit:

“That’s important, but actually we have a longstanding special relationship with the United States. It’s based on shared values and it is a relationship where, actually in the UK, we feel we can say to the US if we disagree with something that they are doing.”

According to Monday schedule, Boris Johnson plans to meet the congressmen, among them is a speaker, Paul Ryan, the chairman of the Foreign relations committee, Bob Corker, and the Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell.

Theresa May said that the UK understands the importance of securing a trade deal with the US before Brexit. Mr Johnson’s ’s visit comes after two of the PM’s chiefs of staff, Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy, went on a private visit to meet members of the Trump team.