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Boris, Lilly Becker split after tennis player’s bankruptcy

Boris, Lilly Becker split after tennis player’s bankruptcy

Boris Becker’s bankruptcy has a great impact on his personal life, wife Lilly announced last week they were going their separate ways for good after nine years of marriage, Bild reported.

The 41-year-old Lilly Becker doesn’t want to be Boris’ wife anymore, the Dutch-born model preferred to split from husband and take their son Amadeus with her. Beckers used to live in London but there is no information what city will prefer Lilly after the split.

This comes days after a Berlin lawyer for the couple confirmed the breakup of three-time Wimbledon winner Becker and his Dutch wife in a statement to Bild newspaper.

On Friday, the eight-year-old Amadeus and his mother were spotted in London when the pair headed out into the sunny streets of the British capital. Every inch the doting mum, Lilly and Amadeus didn’t stray from each other’s sides as they held hands on their low-key outing.

Previously covering up her inking devoted to her former flame, Boris’ ex-wife showed off her ‘Mrs B’ tattoo on her ring finger. Beckers choose a right moment for announcing their split, these weeks, Boris is really busy with the French Open.

Lawyer Christian-Oliver Moser said:

‘The decision after a 13-year-long relationship and nine years of marriage wasn’t an easy one,’

and added that the couple’s main concern now was the well-being of their eight-year-old son Amadeus and insisted that the separation was ‘amicable.’

According to Boris’s friends, the marriage was ‘under question’ in 2017 before Boris was made bankrupt and that she had been spending more time in The Netherlands. Prior to marrying Becker, Lilly didn’t imagine that her man will be announced a bankrupt in the foreseeable future. And it’s not about money only.

Lilly confessed:

‘We did couples’ therapy. It was something we never thought we would have to do. It helped. We did an hour a day for five days a week. It was nice to have the input from someone on the outside who doesn’t know you and isn’t biased.’