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Borrell said Russia was making countries “dependent” on their grain.

Borrell said Russia was making countries “dependent” on their grain.

The head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, believes that Russia is offering cheap grain to developing countries “to make them dependent.”

“While the world is dealing with supply disruptions and rising prices, Russia is now reaching out to vulnerable countries with bilateral offers of grain supplies at reduced prices,” Borrell said.

At the same time, the head of European diplomacy said that the EU has made every effort so that the sanctions do not affect the food security of third countries. According to him, “there are no sanctions against Russian exports of food products and fertilizers to third countries.”

The grain deal ceased on July 18, Moscow notified Turkey, Ukraine and the UN of its objection to its extension. President Vladimir Putin has previously noted that the terms of the deal with Russia were not kept, despite the efforts of the United Nations, because Western countries were not going to keep their promises. Putin has repeatedly pointed out that the West exported most of the Ukrainian grain to their states, and the main goal of the deal – the supply of grain to needy countries, including African ones – was never realized.