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Bracelet helps enforce social distancing for those returning to the workplace

Bracelet helps enforce social distancing for those returning to the workplace

Romware Covid Radius, a digital bracelet, could be extremely useful amid the coronavirus outbreak. That wearable gadget ensures social distancing and also allows contact tracing. Monitoring and notifications to avoid the virus spreading due to close contact.

The digital bracelet monitors employees’ location and sends a warning if they get too close to each other, Springwise describes the gadget. Actually, the idea is not brand new, the engineers from Rombit has just adapted an existing logistics bracelet, the Romware One, used to manage logistics in the workplace.

To adapt the bracelet to the keeping distance between the workers, the company added new functions to the Romware One so that whenever employees come closer to each other than 1.5 metres, they feel a vibration and receive a visual warning signal.

Bracelet is very flexible in its settings, indeed. The employers can also set an upper limit on the number of employees who may be inside a specific area at the same time, alerting managers in real-time when the limit has been passed.

Rombit bracelet is designed to help get the economy moving

While the globe is planning to ease the coronavirus restrictions, one major issue remains. How to ensure that people continue to maintain social distancing, especially in the workplace? The answer is evident, the specially-designed gadgets, and Rombit believes it has developed a solution.

According to Rombit CEO John Baekelmans, the bracelets are designed to help get the economy moving again, in a safe way.

“The new ‘1.5-metre economy’ depends on reliable aids. We are therefore making huge efforts to get the modified bracelet onto the mass market in large quantities so that we can contribute towards getting the economy safely restarted,” Baekelmans added.

After months of lockdown across the globe, innovations such as the Rombit Radius will be a necessary part of the reopening process.