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Brad Pitt, David Fincher in talks to reunite for ‘World War Z’ sequel

Brad Pitt, David Fincher in talks to reunite for ‘World War Z’ sequel

Brad Pitt and David Fincher have a great idea to talk about. The Hollywood stars dream about reuniting in the sequel of ‘World War Z’. Who knows, maybe adventures of zombie and apocalypse’s perspectives will come back to life.

The joint project of Brad Pitt and David Fincher may revive the ‘World War Z’ movie — as a sequel, of course. This idea is at the stage of talks between Pitt and Fincher. Davis was directing the best movies with Pitt, Seven, Benjamin Batton and Fight Club. Thanks to Fincher, Brad became a star, a real Hollywood star.

Now, being told about the destiny of future sequel ‘World War Z’ Brad Pitt sees himself as the producer and David Fincher as a director of the movie. Brad really needs the support of David, who can potentially come in and rescue the project. And, according to several sources, Brad Pitt, Paramount and Skydance have had meetings with David Fincher to direct the follow-up.

Actually, Fincher is open to the idea. Sounds surprising, but he has thought a lot about a sequel. In his opinion, the screenplay must be focused on original material or adaptation of the elevated material. But there are a couple of other filmmaker’s projects in which he is involved too deep.

Now Fincher spends all his time in House of Cards, Living on Video, and Utopia.