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Brad Pitt: I’m allowed to hang out with George Clooney again!

Brad Pitt: I’m allowed to hang out with George Clooney again!

Brad Pitt is a very positive thinking person. Even in the bitterness of the divorce, the actor could find pluses. One of them is simple, old and good: Brad is allowed to meet his old pals, Brad is allowed to hang out with George Clooney. Again!

The Hollywood A-stars Brad Pitt and George Clooney are old friends, during their single lives they often were hanging  out, making really good movies and having a lot of fun. The spouse of Brad in 2004 started to dictate another rule of conduct for Brad. No friends, no parties, in Brad’s life, has started the movie ‘Family’. With Angie as a leading actress, of course.

Brad Pitt and George Clooney Friends Photo

After meeting with Jolie, Pitt lost all his friends, even married couples wasn’t allowed. The bright example is Edward Norton who is happily married with Shauna Robertson, a Canadian film producer. Clooney also irritated Jolie from the very beginning of her romance with Pitt, Angie said to be concerned about George’s bad influence.

Angelina Pitt discouraged all husband’s friends, but her own friends Arminka and Chloe almost lived in the Jolie-Pitt’s house. Now, Brad is restores all contacs, George Clooney is one of the important one for Brad.

Brad Pitt as a guest in George Clooney and Amal’s house

While Brad and George were probably never full-blown besties, they did collaborate on films and (Ocean’s is the most bright series), and seem to enjoy bro-ing out at Clooney’s Lake Como pad.

Now, George is married to Amal, the couple was really glad to see Brad, these guys finally have an emotional bro-out now that Evil Angie is out of the way. Amal was glad to see the bro-conciliation, she knows how much not having Brad around has hurt him. Their catch-up drink turned into an emotional, five-hour talk.’

The support of Clooney is a huge help to the poor guy – Brad’s finally got his friend in his corner.