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Allied, old-fashioned glamour with Brad Pitt, Marion Cotillard

Allied, old-fashioned glamour with Brad Pitt, Marion Cotillard

Marion and Brad played great as an actor duo, the director Robert Zemeckis created a great movie, in his ‘Allied’ in the most magical way intertwined the deep feelings of the main characters and the political intrigue of the World War II.

Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt have played the main characters in the Robert Zemeckis’ ‘Allied’. It begins in Casablanca, 1942, where two skilled assassins (Pitt&Cotillard) have been sent to assassinate an ambassador of Third Reich.

The movie tells about deadly mission, but Zemeckis didn’t forget about the spirit of that epoch, its fashion and makeup. Every detail made with the highest quality, ‘Allied’ is full of the old-fashion glamour but it isn’t shadowing the main intrigue.

‘Allied’ and the director’s work

Zemeckis isn’t exactly known for his torrid love scenes. But this is one exception that, in its blend of emotional directness and technological sophistication (watch how that camera moves), hits one of his reliable sweet spots as a director.

It hasn’t always worked, Zemeckis has made a welcome return to live-action form, confirming that he does his best work when he uses technology to amplify rather than nullify the human factor.

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‘Allied’ a handsomely crafted, fitfully effective throwback to earlier epics of love, betrayal and wartime espionage, most of that digital wizardry is of a stealthy, decorative nature. Mr Zemeckis builds a polished vintage frame for his stars, and for the tricky game of shifting emotional and political loyalties mapped out by the screenwriter Steven Knight.