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Brad Pitt reportedly dating Princess Charlotte of Monaco

Brad Pitt reportedly dating Princess Charlotte of Monaco

Brad Pitt reportedly dating Princess Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco, the two allegedly made their public appearance as a couple last week as they attended a Los Angeles Museum of Art event together, New Idea reported.

The Hollywood actor Brad Pitt fully recovered from the abrupt and bitter break-up from Angelina Jolie, now the 53-year-old handsome man has moved on with a new woman but no one was ready to see him hand-in-hand with royalty from Monaco.

Charlotte Casiraghi is 31, a brunette princess is known for her romances with another actor, Gad Elmaleh. She even gave birth to their son, Raphael, in 2013. Two years after, the romance with the French actor was ended, Gad and Charlotte lived together for four years.

When Brad Pitt and Charlotte Casiraghi were spotted together, none in Monaco was surprised, while Hollywood rumours surfaced suggesting Fight Club star Brad Pitt left behind his past with Jolie. Of course, No one could believe it when we saw them together at the LA Museum of Art, despite the rumours about Brad’s new woman, which were circulating for weeks.

Charlotte Casiraghi likes actors and artists

Charlotte and Brad were seemingly introduced to each another by Marion Cotillard, a close friend of Charlotte. Frankly, there is no official statement from Brad’s side about his relations with the royal. Charlotte is the daughter of Princess Caroline of Hanover and is not a princess herself. She is the granddaughter of actress turned Princess Grace Kelly.

The Gossip Cop decided to verify this data and went on to state that the actor exclusively assured them that he and Charlotte are not in a relationship. New Idea’s article regarding the non-existent relationship was simply bogus. Despite this, Pitt’s fans were really happy to find out his idol is dating with the royal!