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Bratislava EU meeting: realistic diagnosis of the causes of Brexit

Bratislava EU meeting: realistic diagnosis of the causes of Brexit

This time, Bratislava meeting started without the Great Britain, whose Brexit made a lot of changes in the life of EU. The European Council President Donald Tusk has called on EU leaders to be honest and to look at the bloc’s problems objectively. in the wake of Britain’s shock vote to leave the EU.

The Brexit was a shock to the EU, Angela Merkel even finds it ‘an existential crisis’. All these problems should be addressed during one-day Bratislava meeting because the EU needs urgently a new roadmap. Among other issues, the EU leaders will discuss ways to regain trust in the EU.

The future of a bloc of 27 is the main aim of Bratislava meeting, as well as migration crisis, noted Mr. Tusk as a European Council President. The one-day Bratislava meeting should develop a roadmap to culminate in a summit in March in Rome when the 60th anniversary of the EU’s founding Treaty of Rome will be celebrated.

Bratislava meeting

Realistic diagnosis of the causes of Brexit

Donald Tusk gives a powerful speech, in which he called on the EU leaders make a “realistic diagnosis of the causes of Brexit”. During recent years, the Europeans have been shaken “by all kinds of crises”, so it’s time to act in proper way:

“It’s my feeling that the best motto for the Bratislava meeting is that we must not let these crises go to waste”.

Mr. Tusk reminds that Brexit means Brexit, so all the EU countries just need “learned the lessons” from it to be able to “bring back stability and a sense of security”.