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Brazil police raids amid 2016 Olympics corruption probe

Brazil police raids amid 2016 Olympics corruption probe

The legacy of South America’s first Olympics seems to be not clear, the raids of Rio police are part of investigations on corruption. According to the recent developments, there is a “strong evidence” of vote-buying to secure Rio’s bid.

The Olympic Games in Ro de Janeiro have ended a year ago but the criminal case on corruption as opened not so long time ago. The police believe that nearly every infrastructure project connected to the games is under investigation, the whole event was a huge trampoline for corruption.

Brazil prosecutors allege that major construction firms bribed politicians and others to win contracts worth billions of dollars for the event. The sports event of such huge scale happens not so often, many businessmen decided to invest in it whatever it cost to them.

Tuesday’s development drove home the stunning fall from grace of officials who sold the idea that Rio’s Olympics would transform a developing-world city through giant strides in security, infrastructure and environmental improvements.

Prosecutor shed some light on the Olympics corruption

Prosecutor Fabiana Schneider said at a news conference that what was striking about Rio winning the games was it did so despite being “the worst candidate.”

“The Olympics were used as an enormous trampoline for corruption,”

Schneider said, citing billions of dollars spent on construction projects.

Most of the building was done by large construction firms now ensnared in Brazil’s sweeping “Car Wash” anti-corruption investigation. The firms have admitted paying massive bribes to politicians and former executives at state-run companies in return for contracts.