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Brazil seeks blonde babies: Sperm trade booms

Brazil seeks blonde babies: Sperm trade booms

Brazil always was a country where the fairer complexion means a lot, now, demand for blond and blue-eyed American DNA is significantly increasing in Brazil, Daily Wire reported.

Brazil women prefer the sperm of American men at unprecedented rates, last year, over 500 tubes of frozen semen entered Brazil, up from 16 in 2011, cites the report of Wall Street Journal.

Why are the blue-eyed Caucasian males so popular as sperm donors? The answer is simple: in Brazil, to be of fairer complexion always was prestigious. Blond hair and blue eyes are often viewed as a way to provide a child with better prospects, from a higher salary to fairer treatment by the police. In such a racially divided society as Brazilian, having fair-skinned offspring is much better, believe the women.

According to Fredrik Andreasson, a chief financial officer at the Seattle Sperm Bank, imports of overseas sperm have increased by 3,000per cent since 2011 as prospective parents seek fair-skinned donors at an unprecedented rate:

“The vast majority of what we have and what we sell are the Caucasian blond-haired, blue-eyed donors,”

he told The Wall Street Journal.

Demand for American DNA in Brazil is skyrocketing

Seattle Sperm Bank bank, based in Washington state, provides about a quarter of its overall supply to Brazil. Last year more than 500 samples of frozen semen entered the country, up from 16 in 2011. Race is perceived as an indicator of wealth and prosperity in the country; it is estimated that over 80% of the wealthiest top 1% in Brazil are white.

Brazilian women are ready to pay extra money to have an opportunity to have a blond-hair and blue-eyed baby, the women with less money use the social network to establish direct contact with the potential sperm donor. Nowadays, to obtain the sperm via Facebook is not too complex.

“Every month, scores of Brazilian men post offers there to impregnate women free, either by having sex or with a needleless syringe,”

the JSW reports.

The American men with the fair complexion are ready to help the Brazilian women: João Carlos Holland de Barcellos (61, blonde, blue-eyed male) and his wife essentially run a one-man sperm manufacturing business from their home. The couple believes the children are the way to perpetuate his genes and ensure his existence beyond death, a rather noble reason.