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Brexit arose many legal questions

Brexit arose many legal questions

Brexit arose many legal questions, moreover, now UK is facing a “divorce bill” of up to €20 billion (£18 billion) as the cost of exit the European Union, The Manchester Evening News reported.

Brexit and its consequences just started but Britons are angry with them already. According to The Financial Times, more than €300 billion (£270 billion) of shared payment liabilities will have to be settled in Brexit negotiations.

The €20 billion “upper estimate” was said to cover the UK’s share of continuing multi-year liabilities including €241 billion (£217 billion) of unpaid budget appropriations, pension liabilities of €63.8 billion (£57.5 billion), and other commitments totalling around €32 billion (£29 billion).

Brexit: legal battle

Brexit arose many questions, among them, are legal ones. The legal dispute is over who has authority to notify Brussels formally that Britain is withdrawing under article 50 of the Treaty on European Union (TEU) – parliament or ministers.

Article 50 states that any member state may leave “in accordance with its own constitutional requirements”, an undefined term that has allowed both sides to pursue rival interpretations.

The case could open deep rifts in the consensus over the UK’s unwritten constitution. If the judges concluded that MPs should decide, the majority might not be in favour of leaving.

The UK’s government maintains that the decision to depart has been taken by the referendum on 23 June and that its executive powers, under the royal prerogative, are sufficient for David Davis, the Brexit secretary, to give notice on behalf of the cabinet.