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Brexit: EU, UK agree draft political declaration on future relationship

Brexit: EU, UK agree draft political declaration on future relationship

Brexit political declaration’s draft is ready- the UK and EU officials have agreed on it. As Guardian understood, the British prime minister will make a statement to MPs later on Thursday.

European Union and the UK have agreed a draft withdrawal deal on their future relationship, the agreement could pave the way for a Brexit to be finalised on November 24-25. If the agreement and the political declaration are signed off at an EU summit on Sunday, Theresa May will then turn her attention to getting the deal through the British Parliament, where there is not thought to currently be a majority in favour of it.

The withdrawal document tagged as a Political Declaration includes the outlining what London and Brussels’ relations will look like. Among the most important aspects are a trade, security, counter-terrorism, which has been “agreed in principle” in a declaration, the European Council said.

In other words, the EU officials have already agreed on the draft terms of Britain’s exit from the Union on 29 March 2019.

EU comments on Brexit political declaration

Donald Tusk wrote on Twitter: “I have just sent to EU27 a draft Political Declaration on the Future Relationship between EU and UK. The Commission President has informed me that it has been agreed at negotiators’ level and agreed in principle at political level, subject to the endorsement of the leaders.”

Meanwhile, Downing Street has repeatedly made clear that agreement is needed on the future framework in order to press ahead with the legally-binding withdrawal agreement. So far, from a first reading of the draft political declaration contained something for every Briton but there was lots in it that would need to be negotiated after 29 March 2019, a Brexit day.