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Britain closes Mosquito drone project

Britain closes Mosquito drone project

The Royal Air Force (Air Force) of Britain abandoned the prospective slave unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Mosquito. The drone could fly in 2023,

The decision was made based on an analysis of the Lightweight Affordable Novel Combat Aircraft (LANCA) program and a drone demonstrator. Experts from the Air Force and the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory have come to the conclusion that greater efficiency can be achieved with less expensive devices.

It is noted that the rejection of Mosquito will not affect plans to create slave drones. As part of the Future Combat Air System program, Britain plans to create UAVs that will be able to perform tasks after 2035.

“Through the Mosquito project and other experimental activities, the Royal Air Force has made significant progress and gained significant value in understanding and exploiting a range of future unmanned capabilities. This decision maximizes the experience gained to date and allows you to change the direction of the LANCA program,” said Air Force Commodore Jez Holmes.