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Britain decided to stop gas exports to the EU in case of a reduction in supplies from Russia

Britain decided to stop gas exports to the EU in case of a reduction in supplies from Russia

The UK will stop gas supplies to the European Union if the country experiences a severe fuel shortage in the coming months, for example, due to a reduction in Russian gas imports. Shutting off connecting pipelines to Belgium and the Netherlands is one of the first measures under the country’s emergency gas plan.

European gas companies are urging London to continue cooperating with the EU, warning that shutting down pipelines could cause fuel shortages in the winter. In winter, Britain imports significant volumes of gas from continental Europe, explains the publication.

“I would definitely recommend the UK to reconsider stopping the connecting pipelines. Because if it is beneficial for the continent in summer, it is also beneficial for the UK in winter,” said Bart Jan Howers, President of the European Network of Gas Transmission Operators.

Britain’s National Grid, which is also responsible for the country’s energy security, will stress test the emergency gas plan in September. The company noted that such inspections take place annually, adding that the September testing “will reflect the circumstances” of Russia’s sharp decline in gas exports. In addition to shutting down gas pipelines, the emergency plan includes cutting off supplies to large industrial consumers and calling on households to reduce their fuel use.

However, the UK government, according to the newspaper, said it had “full confidence” in the reliability of energy supply ahead of winter, claiming that the country has “one of the most reliable and diverse energy systems in the world.” An emergency gas shortage was deemed “highly unlikely” by the authorities.