Today: Friday, 19 April 2024 year

Britain Joins US-Led Coalition To Bomb Syria

British Royal Air Force Tornado fighter jets too have joined the US-led coalition to airstrike on the sites of Islamic State in Syria after the lawmakers voted in the favor.

The bombers took off from the RAF Akrotiri air base in Cyprus and returned to the base safely. A total of four jets were sent in pairs and gap of about one hour.

According to CNN, the four jets targeted an oil field in Eastern Syria near Omar inside the border with Iraq.

No civilians were near the targets during the bombing, said the ministry.

British Prime Minister David Cameron held a vote in the parliament and 10 hours debate was followed by lawmakers backing support to airstrike in Syria by 397-223.

Last month Islamic State militants launched multiple attacks on French capital Paris killing 129 people and wounding more than 300. Since then the French President Francois Hollande has requested its allies to do more to combat with the Isis.