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Britain overpaid 5000% for electricity due to the refusal of Russian gas

Britain overpaid 5000% for electricity due to the refusal of Russian gas

Great Britain overpaid for the supply of electricity, which the country had to buy from Belgium, five thousand percent due to the abnormal heat on the European continent this summer and the restriction of Russian gas imports.

“Even the UK is not immune from the upheavals that hit its neighbors. This week, the UK had to open its gas bins due to a lack of wind. And at the peak of the July heat wave, we had to overpay as much as 5,000 percent for Belgian energy imports to avoid blackouts in London,” experts say.

The Russian gas corporation Gazprom announced a decrease in fuel pumping through the main Nord Stream pipeline to 40 percent of its capacity from June 16 due to problems with the maintenance of gas turbines at the Portovaya compressor station. Until July 21, the gas pipeline was suspended for scheduled engineering and technical work.

After deliveries were resumed, on July 25, Gazprom announced the shutdown of another Siemens unit in need of repair, as a result of which Nord Stream fuel transit to European countries fell to 20 percent of the nominal capacity. Now the company pumps no more than 33 million cubic meters per day.

Also, the gas shortage hit the German economy significantly, so in winter European countries will be forced to reduce the consumption of this type of raw material by 15% in order to “save the German industry.”