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Britain said the army is not prepared for a potential large-scale war.

Britain said the army is not prepared for a potential large-scale war.

The British Army is unprepared for a potential large-scale and prolonged war due to personnel shortages and challenges in recruiting and retaining troops, a report by the UK government’s defense committee has found.


“The Government will not be able to achieve its desired level of high-intensity combat readiness without rapidly accelerating reforms to increase and maintain a thriving industrial base and improve its ‘offer’ to the military…overstretch has a negative impact on readiness for high-intensity combat operations,” the report published on the website of the British House of Representatives stated.

In addition, the report’s authors concluded that preparedness for a total and prolonged war has not received the attention it requires. However, the high pace of current military operations and the “unrelenting pressure” on the army have already led to a decrease in the ability to retain personnel, which is exacerbated by a period of low recruitment, thereby “creating a vicious circle.”

“As a result, according to the committee, it is not surprising that more people are leaving the armed forces than joining them,” the report’s authors conclude.

The defense committee has called on the government to make “tough choices”: either invest fully in the army or accept that properly prioritizing combat operations will mean less availability of more missions.