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Britain will tighten protest laws over pro-Palestinian marches.

Britain will tighten protest laws over pro-Palestinian marches.

British authorities intend to tighten laws on protests after marches in support of Palestine in London, the Sun newspaper reports, citing a source.

London police said on Saturday they had detained about 150 pro-Palestinian protesters who were setting off pyrotechnics. Police also said they detained 82 far-right activists who clashed with law enforcement officers to prevent unrest at a pro-Palestinian demonstration in the British capital. Activists tried to break through to the fenced Cenotaph war memorial, where events were taking place to mark the Day of Remembrance of the Fallen.

“(British Prime Minister) Rishi Sunak has ordered a significant tightening of protest laws,” the newspaper said.

According to the information, the British authorities, in particular, are considering the possibility of developing new laws that would prohibit protesters from climbing statues, scaffolding and bus stops. In addition, it is planned to tighten the law on the use of fireworks, smoke bombs and flares, as well as reduce the requirements for banning marches and protests.

“The law on glorifying terrorists such as Hamas should also be tightened,” the material says.