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British troops deployed in Mali

British troops deployed in Mali

British troops deployed in Mali this week, the first patrol on the United Nations (UN) mission is completed. Yahoo News has learned.

The 300 British troops will work under a Chinese sector commander as part of the UN force. The initial deployment saw the troops venture only 30 miles into the countryside, an area largely beyond the reach of the Malian authorities. Future patrols are planned to go much further.

According to the British Taskforce, it comprising troops has just successfully completed its first patrol in the West African country. Around 200 soldiers patrolled in 60 vehicles specially designed to handle the harsh desert conditions.

Lieutenant Colonel Tom Robinson, Commanding Officer of the Light Dragoons, said he works for a Chinese Brigadier who is sector commander for the first time. “He’s a professional guy who I very much enjoy working with,” he added.

The news on the latest developments in Mali comes as tension between the UK and China rises following human rights abuses in Hong Kong. In addition, the aggressive Chinese sovereignty claims in the Indo-Pacific have poisoned relations between the two nations.