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Britons advised to work harder if they don’t have enough to live on

Britons advised to work harder if they don’t have enough to live on

UK Home Secretary McLean urged people to work harder amid rising prices.

Britons, who don’t have enough money to live on amid record inflation, need to work harder or find a job that pays more. This advice was given to people by Parliamentary Deputy Home Secretary Rachel McLean.

The official said the British government needs a long-term plan so that people can survive in the face of rising prices. However, at the same time, McLean made it clear that the British, in her opinion, need to take care of themselves.

“Whether by increasing working hours or moving to a better paying job. And these are long-term actions, but this is what we are focused on as a government,” she said.

However, for those who already work three jobs, this will not help, McLean admitted.
McLean’s proposals have already been criticized by Shadow Secretary for Northern Ireland Peter Kyle. He stated that the ideas voiced by the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs are divorced from the current realities.
According to forecasts, the number of beggars in the UK in 2023 could reach a million.

The reasons for the economic decline lie in the sanctions against Russia, and in the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in Brexit.