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Britons are saving money on funerals as prices rise

Britons are saving money on funerals as prices rise

Residents of the UK began to save on funerals amid a sharp rise in prices and record inflation. This was stated by experts, referring to the report of the insurance company Sunlife.

According to the results of the study, every sixth family experienced serious financial difficulties. Each such family reduced the cost of a coffin and flowers.

The crematoria have reportedly raised prices to offset the increase in fuel costs. According to the publication, in a number of areas of Britain, the cremation fee exceeds 1,000 pounds

In addition, the British must pay for transport and rent for the hall for the farewell ceremony.
Earlier it became known that the news about a record rise in the cost of living in Britain caused serious dissatisfaction with its residents.

Inflation in June turned out to be much higher than the forecast and reached 9.4%. This is the worst indicator among the countries of the “Big Seven” (G7). Its main trigger last month was the rise in food prices (by 9.8%) and gasoline (a jump of 18.1 pence per liter).

The situation may worsen significantly in October, when wholesale energy prices increase.