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Brits are walking to work amid high fuel prices

Brits are walking to work amid high fuel prices

A jump in the price of car fuel in the UK has led to the fact that many people in the kingdom have to drive their cars less, or even leave them in garages and parking lots and start walking to work.

Gasoline sales at a number of gas stations have been reduced by a factor of three, which has put some family companies involved in this business on the verge of bankruptcy. This is happening all over the country.

As Leza Stevenson, who works at one of the small gas stations in Worcester, told the publication, they now see their former regular customers passing by on foot. And those who still need gasoline buy fuel for only 5-10 pounds. With such sales, the gas station would have already gone bankrupt if the owner had no other sources of income. However, the nearby grocery store is not in the best position, there are too few buyers, so products are increasingly being thrown away due to the expired shelf life.

As noted, the desire to save on fuel has led to the fact that the average speed on the roads has decreased significantly. According to experts, careful driving can cut his gasoline or diesel consumption by 15-20 percent. During the coronavirus pandemic, many drivers have appreciated this trick and now drive extremely slowly.

Meanwhile, the British are also threatened by rising electricity prices. By January, the bills may increase one and a half times (up to 3364 pounds) compared with the current, already record (1971 pounds).