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Brooklyn Beckham lands luxury £100k Huawei phone advert job

Brooklyn Beckham lands luxury £100k Huawei phone advert job

Brooklyn Beckham is young and lucky, these days 17-year-old teen got a luxury advert job with Huawei. An amount of an advert job is £100k, and, according to The Sun, this sum will cover Brooklyn’s Mercedes’ £30k insurance.

Brooklyn Beckham was born in the family, where everyone used to work, so 17-years-old eldest Beckham’s son isn’t lazy or spoiled. The young man started his own model career, and ready to work hard and earn his own money. Now the teen drives a £37,000 silver Mercedes C-Class, and his latest avert contract with Huawei will give him the £100k amount.

Such a luxury amount of contract allows Brooklyn to pay off his expensive Mercedes C-Class insurance (luxury vehicle’s insurance it eats around £30,000 per year). Chinese mobile company Hauweidecised that Beckham’s appearance will be perfect for its advert of new mobile phones, created for the young people.

The social networks of Brooklyn are full of fans, a guy’s got millions of followers and this is a right way to engage a load of youngsters, assured Huawei.Lucrative gig: Brooklyn Beckham, pictured with girlfriend Chloe Moretz, is alleged to have been paid a whopping £100,000 to appear in an advert for Chinese mobile phone company Hauwei

Thus, the online activity and well-done social-network-task made Brooklyn Beckham more rich, famous and cool. Go ahead, Brooklyn!