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Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson to reunite for ‘Unbreakable’ sequel

Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson to reunite for ‘Unbreakable’ sequel

Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson will reunite for ‘Unbreakable’ sequel by Night Shyamalan who confirmed the new star-studded project. The movie titled Glass and will be released not earlier than 2019.

M. Night Shyamalan confirmed on his Twitter that he finished the script for the follow-up to both Unbreakable (2000) and Split (2016). According to the screenwriter/director, the new film has a title Glass and will come out in early 2019.

Describing his plans regarding the sequel, Shyamalan also revealed the names of stars who will take the lead role. Of course, “the iconic” Willis, “the incomparable” Jackson,” “the virtuoso” McAvoy, and “the prodigy” Anya Taylor-Joy.”

Shyamalan and hairy Bruce Willis, 2000

While Willis and Jackson were the stars of Unbreakable, second two actors were the focus of Split. We all remember Willis’ surprise cameo during the twist ending of Split, suddenly linking two films that initially appeared unrelated.

M. Night Shyamalan about the Unbreakable sequel

According to Night, over 17 years he couldn’t find a simple answer to the question ‘To make or not to make the Unbreakable sequel?’, now everything is totally clear and understandable. Just make it! The watcher will see another action/drama with the Hollywood A-lister like incredible Bruce and Samuel.

Shyamalan wrote on Twitter. The studio Universal Pictures confirmed director’s Twitter posts and even hinted on several details from the synopsis of the upcoming Glass.