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Brunei, Malaysia agree to reinforce bilateral ties

Brunei, Malaysia agree to reinforce bilateral ties

The bilateral ties between Brunei and Malaysia will be stronger, confirmed the Malaysian prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin after his meeting with Brunei Sultan.

Brunei’s PM Haji Hassanal Bolkiah and his Malaysian counterpart held the 23rd annual leaders’ consultation on Monday. The meeting resulted in an agreement to boost the countries’ cooperation, including in the COVID-19 crisis.

In their joint efforts to combat the novel pathogen, the two prime ministers agreed in principle on the establishment of a reciprocal “green lane”, with effective COVID-19 prevention and control measures. Both Brunei and Malaysia agreed to facilitate essential business and official travel.

Bolkiah and Yassin also appreciated the collaboration between the two governments, according to the Memorandum of understanding. The two nations will continue to cooperate in disaster management, joint exercise, operation and the exchange of expertise and information related to disaster prevention and risk reduction.