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Bulgarian president calls early parliamentary elections

Bulgarian president calls early parliamentary elections

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev announced early parliamentary elections and appointed a service government.

As a result of the government crisis, the cabinet of ministers headed by Kiril Petkov resigned at the end of June. Attempts to form a new government ended in failure. According to the constitution, Radev signed a decree dissolving the People’s Assembly (parliament) on August 2. Early elections are scheduled for October 2.

By another decree, the president appointed a service government, whose powers come into force on August 2. It will be headed by Gylyb Donev, who previously held the positions of Minister of Labor in service governments. He is currently listed as the secretary for social policy in the Radev administration.

Nikolai Milkov, the country’s ambassador to France, has been appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Service Council of Ministers. The post of Minister of Defense will be taken by Colonel Dimitar Stoyanov, the former chief of staff of the Air Force, who has been heading Radev’s secretariat since 2017.

Rositsa Velkova-Zheleva, who served as deputy minister of this department in the government of Boyko Borisov, has been appointed head of the Ministry of Finance.

In Bulgaria, in 2021, early parliamentary elections were held three times due to the inability to form a government based on their results. It was only after the elections in November that the politicians managed to form a government coalition.