Today: Tuesday, 21 May 2024 year

Bulgarians fear rising prices and gas shortages

Uncontrolled price increases and a potential shortage of gas this winter were the main factors that worry the people of Bulgaria.

The Ukrainian crisis worries ordinary Bulgarians much less than their own material well-being.

“Almost 90% of respondents consider excessive price increases to be a real danger. Society is almost unanimous in this. The risk of a potential shortage of natural gas seems real to almost 80% of Bulgarians. Almost the same number of respondents fear permanent political instability in the country. About 70% of respondents think that there is a possibility shortage of electricity,” the journalists explained.

Also, the respondents in Bulgaria, for the most part, believe that the crisis in Ukraine will drag on, this was stated by 56% of respondents.

Moreover, 35% said that Bulgaria could “turn around” in this matter towards Russia. Also, 70% of Bulgarians are preparing for a possible wave of migrants.