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In European Union a case was opened to revise the policy towards Russia

Министры по европейским делам Германии, Франции и Польши призвали к пересмотру политики в отношении России, говорится в совместном заявлении МИД Германии. ⠀ По словам министров, конфликт на Укра...

Last news

10 : 42
Arsenic was found in Saakashvili’s body, the politician’s lawyer said.
10 : 40
The Chinese Foreign Ministry denied the statement about people’s dissatisfaction with the anti-COVID policy.
10 : 39
Borrell said that NATO has enough threats and challenges besides China.
10 : 37
Iran arrested citizens of Western countries involved in the riots.
10 : 35
The Chinese Foreign Ministry protested the United States because of the pressure on Chinese companies.
10 : 34
The grain deal showed the possibility of diplomacy in Ukraine, Erdogan said.
10 : 32
The military warehouses of the NATO countries are empty because of the help to Kyiv, was said in Poland.
19 : 48
Turkey has reported neutralizing 480 PKK fighters since the start of the operation in Iraq.
19 : 43
The United States spoke about the tightening of supervision over the allocation of assistance to Ukraine.
12 : 09
The level of distrust in the Japanese authorities has exceeded 50 percent.
12 : 07
Demonstration against anti-COVID restrictions took place in Shanghai.
12 : 05
The NATO Secretary General acknowledged that the support of Ukraine is costly for the Europeans.
12 : 00
Ex-Prime Minister of Italy Conte spoke about the situation in Ukraine.
08 : 36
Erdogan announced the production of a Turkish unmanned fighter.
08 : 34
Five people died in a helicopter crash in South Korea.
08 : 32
Kim Jong-un took a picture with his daughter in front of a new rocket.
20 : 47
The EU Delegation expressed its condolences on the death of Makei.
20 : 46
Moldova will receive a grant to provide air navigation services.
20 : 44
An unsanctioned rally involving about 300 people was stopped in Astana.
13 : 15
Poland will more actively push out refugees to Belarus.
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