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A call for calm in Kashmir

A call for calm in Kashmir

Kashmir and India, this never-ending confrontation between these two nuclear-armed archrivals now is to the highest degree, say political experts. Actually, the tension is a common state of affairs between these sides, but it’s got worth following a Sept. 18 attack on the portion of Kashmir controlled by India. 

Kashmir and the attack on Sept 18 arose many questions. As a result of an attack, 18 Indian soldiers were killed. India says the raid was carried out by a Pakistani militant group, Jaish-e-Mohammed, and further asserts that the militants were actively supported by Pakistan’s intelligence agency. Pakistan denies any involvement.

What’s happened in reality between the rivals, Kashmir and India, it is extremely hard to know now. Both sides have its own story. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi opted to fight back Thursday with what India said were “surgical strikes” on militant bases in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir territory.

The versions of that retaliatory raid very differ from side to side. India says a handful of terrorist bases were destroyed and that none of its soldiers were killed, while Pakistan insists it repelled the attack with gunfire that killed eight Indian troops.

The most bitter thing is the getting derailed by conflict in Kashmir distracts both countries from their economic aspirations. But none side has enough of a good will to de-escalate the crisis, which keeps both Kashmir and India on track.