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Campaign for Nepal’s tourism begins in Belgium

Campaign for Nepal’s tourism begins in Belgium

Campaign for Nepal tourism has started, the Nepali Ambassador to Belgium Lok Bahadur Thapa has launched it on March, 22. This promotional campaign aimed the popularisation of Nepalese trips and tourism under Nepal Tourism Year-Europe 2017.

The Embassy of Nepal in Belgium offers t the Europeans visit enigmatical Nepal, on March 22, has been launched a special campaign, which aimed at the popularisation of tourism to this region. The campaign’s organiser is the Embassy of Nepal, the diplomatic mission intends to involve the local Nepalese people in the promotion of EU-Nepaltouristicc activity.

The first promotional poster was placed at the car of Lok Bahadur Thapa, the Nepali Ambassador to Belgium. The campaign site, flyers and posters tell about Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), which is able to organise for Europeans a tour to Nepal.

Campaign for Nepal’s tourism begins in Belgium

The touristic program was coordinated by honorary representatives of NTB at Belgium Shiva Kumar Baduwal and Rabindraman Shrestha.

Meantime, Belgium has offered a new thing for our four-legs friends, a dog beer. The beverage has been invented in this European country by Snuffle brand, and the beer already being sold across EU and Asia (the special bottles were spotted at the shops of South Korea and Hong Kong).

Shuffle dog beer

The brand, Snuffle, is manufacturing a brew that is healthy for your furry baby and is not your regular beer, in that it’s non-alcoholic. The official Snuffle website describes the beverage as “a ‘beer’ in the emotional sense of the word.”