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Canada to ban Huawei and ZTE 5G equipment from its market

Canada to ban Huawei and ZTE 5G equipment from its market

The Government of Canada plans to ban the use of technologies from Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE in the country when introducing fifth-generation (5G) mobile communication systems.

This refers to the ban on Canadian communications companies to buy 5G equipment from Chinese firms.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has repeatedly said in the past that Ottawa is still looking into the matter, but Canada’s largest telecommunications company, Bell Canada, has announced that it will be purchasing 5G equipment from the Swedish firm Ericsson, not China’s Huawei.

In the summer of 2018, the United States imposed a ban on the purchase and use by US government agencies of telecommunications equipment from Chinese companies ZTE and Huawei. The US authorities have repeatedly claimed that these firms work closely with the Chinese intelligence services. According to the United States, programs can be installed on the devices of companies with the help of which users are monitored, and information can also be stolen and substituted. Huawei has repeatedly denied such allegations.