Today: Wednesday, 29 May 2024 year

Canada to Resettle 25,000 Syrian Refugees – Projecting Best Value and Character

Canada’s newly elected Prime Minister Trudeau remained true to his promise during the election campaign to resettle 25,000 refugees by the end of year.

Trudeau confirmed that the new government will accept 25,000 Syrian refugees in Canada, prioritizing those who will pass strict security checks. The refugee processing is expected to happen within three months but will put families and vulnerable individuals on top of the list for admission.

For now, single men will not be included in the program. However, through private or governments sponsorship they will be assessed and can possibly be accepted later for resettlement in 2016.

According to Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Minister John McCallum at a news briefing in Ottawa on Tuesday, through the rest of 2016, Canada will bring in more refugees. Although, the country would have wanted to take in the refugees fast but they have to “do it right” and doing this may take more time, of which the Canadian citizens favored as well.

The Paris attacks had affected the Canadian public’s perception of taking in people, which might put them at risk of accepting terrorist on getting a free-ride. Canada conducted two surveys after the Paris incident and found out that a “small majority” are resistant to accept refugees. Hence, Canada decided on thorough security checks on the ground in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey as well, before they board a plane to ensure that security concerns are addressed.

The resistance is overpowered by a big majority of every province in Canada who agreed to take in refugees. Canada’s decision in spite of risks is a “big humanitarian project that indicates the “best values and character of the country”. The first batch of refugees will be arriving by the end of the year, in December.

Once the refugees arrive in Canada, they will be housed temporarily for debriefing and orientation activities, in former military barracks, vacant hospitals or hotels or with their families who have volunteered to sponsor them.