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Candidates all take swipes at Trump for his foul mouth

Candidates all take swipes at Trump for his foul mouth


GOP president candidates and even Democratic party front runner Hilary Clinton have attacked Donald Trump due to his foul mouth. Clinton dissociates self from Trump for the ‘nation’s polite’ people of South Carolina. She said the Donald Trump she knew as a senator representing New York is quite different from the businessman now running for president.

Donald Trump made several donations to Hilary Clinton’s campaigns and family foundation. Trump even invited her to his third wedding in Florida about eleven years ago. However, Clinton claims to have limited interactions with him. She said she has “never heard the kinds of things he was saying now come out of his mouth.”

“I never heard the really insulting language about so many different kinds of people. I never heard the kind of demagoguery and derogatory comments. I wasn’t around him that much but I never heard that. And so I can only conclude that, you know, he thinks this is what gets him the votes, ” Clinton said. She then asked: “And when you inflame attitudes of bigotry against some people, what stops it from extending to all people?”

Other GOP candidates such as Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz have also blasted Trump

Marco Rubio also took a swipe at Donald Trump when he said to reporters that he had to make something up when his kids kept asking him the other word for cat that Trump used. He said: “I think you can be a straight talker, but yet do it in a way that doesn’t offend.”

Jeb Bush also added his after a campaign rally in Columbia that he was giving up profanity for Lent. He claimed this was “to set an example for other candidates in the race,” clearly taunting Donald Trump. However, a reporter also reminded Bush that he has also been reported using the word “dammit” recently. Bush gave an epic rebuttal saying: “There’s a judge somewhere that’s going to tell me whether or not that’s profanity. It certainly doesn’t match the profanity from the front-running candidate who openly says things I’m appalled by.”