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Candle particles might be just as harmful as diesel fumes

Candle particles might be just as harmful as diesel fumes

The candle particles are at least as bad and harmful as the diesel particles, revealed a new study by the Danish researchers. Human trials are now underway to see what the effects could be on people, says the publication in the scientific journal Toxicology Letters/

The candles may be a harmful accessory, insist the researchers from the Institute of Public Health Science at the University of Copenhagen. In their recent publication, Professor Peter Møller noted that the experiments on mice show that particles from the burning candles may cause the specific inflammatory reactions in the lungs resulted in the damaging the cells more than diesel fumes.

The modern technologies have made the analysis the most accurate and informative, for the time, the scientists have directly compared particles – from candles and diesel fumes – to see how they are affecting the human lungs.

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Scientists on the harmfulness of the candles

Professor Møller and his colleague Lars Gunnarsen (Alborg University) both give the same advice: use fewer candles, this burning isn’t too healthy despite their calming effect on the humans.

“I definitely think that many people are not adequately aware of the health hazards of candlelight. The new knowledge from this paper encourages us to sharpen the view that [particles from] candles are most likely are dangerous for lungs and the circulation,”

says Gunnarsen.