Today: Sunday, 26 May 2024 year

Carson attempt to resuscitate campaign

Carson attempt to resuscitate campaign

GOP hopeful and retired neuro-surgeon, Dr Ben Carson is trying to resuscitate his struggling campaign, by promoting his idea of a better America to voters. In the latest CNN Poll of Polls average in Iowa, he ranks in fourth behind Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio. Carson has 10% of the votes, while Cruz has 27%. Asked specifically how he’d solve the border crisis, the Affordable Care Act and President Obama’s executive orders, Carson said to the media after the event: “I’m not a polished politician,”  “I’m not gonna have these nice crisp, debate-type answers, because I really feel like the issues are much bigger.”

Carson wants voters to listen to God instead of the media

Dr. Ben Carson, also addressed a town hall hosted by South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson, in conjunction with the Conservative Leadership Project about his campaign, while also answering questions from the audience. The GOP presidential hopeful said he trusts Americans to do the right thing, but he warns them to be careful of listening to the media, but rather listen to God. Carson says our youngest generation faces a future, more grim than ever before. “I also hope that the people understand that where we are right now is very serious,” he said. “We’re at the precipice, and we’re about to go over the precipice. If we go over it, I do not think that we will be able to return.”

Carson vows to destroy ISIS stronghold

The Republican candidate said that his plan to destroy ISIS would include cutting off its financial lifeblood. “We have to make sure they have no oil revenues, we either take the oil or we destroy the oil. But we do not allow that because ISIS is the richest terrorist organization on earth. We have to shut down all their monetary channel.”

Why Carson is different from Trump

One audience member asked him if he was too nice to be president, trying to contrast Carson with his  controversial GOP rival Donald Trump, who addressed the convention Saturday. “I’ve heard many people say, ‘You’ve got to be more bombastic, and you’ve got to yell and call people names and jump and act like a buffoon,’” Carson replied. “But I’ll tell you this, throughout my medical career, I faced a lot of controversy, a lot of opposition, but still succeeded without being nasty, and I think we can do that here.”

“Do not listen to those … trying to discourage you,” Carson said in Iowa recently when asked about his supporters’ concerns, “because they want to continue down this pathway that we’ve been going down – both Republicans and Democrats. I represent something very different.”