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Chanel, Balenciaga and YSL as Instagram memes

Chanel, Balenciaga and YSL as Instagram memes

Chanel, its several luxury items from the latest collection became the memes on Instagram satirist and former public relations guru Sidney Prawatyotin. This hilarious account is known for its fun and smart collages made with the sense of humour, the fashion brands like YSL and Balenciaga are under Sidney’s fire too.

Chanel and other gurus of fashion are an easy target for the satirists who can poke a pin using the photo of any item from the runway. Sidney Prawatyotin has taken aim at label-of-the moment Vetements, Balenciaga and Yves Saint Laurent with his well-known Instagram account @siduations.

App Photoshop was extremely helpful for Sidney in the creation of the funny collages, the Australian observer just placed models and street style regulars into unusual siduations. Looks so fresh and fun, see some photos below.

Balenciaga’s yellow puffer vest becomes an inflatable life jacket, and Rachael Wang’s gingham jacket is compared to a picnic blanket.

Image: Instagram/@siduations

Sidney told US Vogue that  many luxury fashion items don’t work in the real life rather make people fun:

“I wanted to see if these looks on the runway actually make sense in these different situations and scenarios. That is what started this series, like fashion people and sticky situations. Like, does this work in the real world?”

From its very beginning, Sidney’s Instagram account had its muse – Chloe Sevigny, she is a good friend of Sidney and the first ‘model’ for the collage. That first photo became a meme, and now @siduaitions 13.5 thousand followers.

Image: Instagram/@siduations