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Chanel plots Year of Gabrielle, new scent included

Chanel plots Year of Gabrielle, new scent included

Chanel, the iconic fashion brand, dedicates this year to Gabrielle Chanel, the founder and the wise attractive woman. During 2017, the French brand will present new bag and the new scent to its fans.

Gabrielle Chanel will be the muse to the designers of this world-famous brand, in 2017, it will present the new items like scent and bags, and the campaign will be lensed by its couturier Karl Lagerfeld and devoted to the Gabrielle handbag.

“It was a very symbolic and nice moment for the brand. These values are very important for what Chanel is today,”

said Bruno Pavlovsky, president of Chanel fashion. According to him, the new generation of Chanel-lovers has a great desire to be themselves, they just claims what they want to claim. And such a rebellious side means that Gabrielle Chanel in her time was already like that.

The Gabrielle effort has guranteed already the double-digit growth since the beginning of the year, noted the management of the company, and Bruno Pavlovsky stressed:

“We feel a very nice energy in our boutiques.”

The new scent, which will be dedicated to Gabrielle Chanel, is the eau de toilette in “abstract floral” tones. EdT is scheduled to premiere in June before a broader rollout.

Gabrielle handbags and backpack.

New bag will come in about half-a-dozen iterations, its cost varies from $3,000 up to $33,000, depends on the material and the size of an item.