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Charlie Sheen knows who else in Hollywood is HIV-positive

Charlie Sheen knows who else in Hollywood is HIV-positive

Charlie Sheen knows many dirty secrets of Hollywood, the ‘Two and a half men’ star knows as well who else in Hollywood is HIV-positive person. Yes, the stars are not so healthy as we used to think, alas.

Charlie Sheen can talk a lot of about the Hollywood, he was raising in that atmosphere, so there are no secrets for Charlie when it’s about the personal life of healthy status. In his recent interview in ‘The Kyle & Jackie ‘O’ Show’, the son of Martin Sheen said that many Hollywood celebs and actors are the HIV-positive patients who are undergoing the medical treatment in the secret regime.

The 51-yar-old actor noted that “I know who they are, but I will take that to my grave.” But Sheen, who announced his status in November 2015, did reveal the “miracle drug” he’s taking.

“Here’s the absolute freaking irony — with the miracle drug that I’m on, this PRO-140, I am actually safer than most cats out there that profess to be on the tallest tree,”

he said before the conversation turned to the topic of Scientology. The radio hosts bluntly asked if any of his friends ever tried to lure him into the church.

“Yes, actually. There was one — and she’s a dear friend of mine. It’s Kelly Preston, who’s married to John Travolta.”

Charlie is a good friend, even when the hosts were pressing him about Travolta’s sexuality, Sheen was adamant and polite. When the radio hosts asked if he believed the rumours about Travolta and massage parlours, Charlie Sheen answered clearly and loud:

“I have a new rule now: If I wasn’t there, I can’t possibly harbor an opinion,”

the actor said.