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Chile: Iceberg breaks from ruptured glacier

Chile: Iceberg breaks from ruptured glacier

Chilean iceberg breaks from ruptured glacier again, such breaks are rare and have not occurred since the early 1990s, the scientists say.

All glaciologists of the world are intrigued by the Chilean iceberg, the officials at the Torres del Paine National Park have said the cause of the rupture of the so-called Grey Glacier is unclear. However, the most popular reason is the Earth’s ever-increasing temperature. It is worth to note that Torres del Paine is one of the most visited tourist attractions, the beautiful place is famous for its mountain views, is visited by more than 115,000 tourists annually.

So far, 2017 biggest iceberg development came in the form of the trillion tonnes mega iceberg that broke off the Larson C glacier in Antarctica.

The surprising break became the subject of thorough research, the recent changes on the ice sheet opens many perspectives for the glaciologists and governmental transport structures. The newly formed iceberg could become an obstacle to navigation if it disintegrates into smaller pieces.

Dr Ricardo Jaña, a glaciologist from the Chilean Antarctic Institute (INACH) confirmed that the iceberg was “compact and consistent”.

“This is a situation we had anticipated, but the most singular and anecdotal thing is that it is an iceberg of much larger dimensions, which is notable,”

he said.