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China agreed to cooperate with UN on human rights

China agreed to cooperate with UN on human rights

China and the UN human rights body never worked together. However, there were a lot of complaints about the violation of fundamental human rights from China. At last, the country and its leader Xi Jinping agreed to cooperate with the UN on this important issue.

China invites the representatives of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to visit the country as appropriate. On Thursday, the respective policy paper was published at the official site.

Earlier, China frequently faces censure at the UN rights body, moreover, the country has refused to allow in the representatives and UN-appointed envoys on HRC. The common policy of China on human rights issue was blocking access to interviewees.

The latest National Human Rights Action Plan, which China runs to 2020, promises that country will “cooperate with the Special Procedures of the United Nations Human Rights Council”. China will also offer developing countries assistance in the human rights field, the paper said.

According to the new Plan, China intends to prioritize the development of minority areas and protect their “lawful rights and interests”.