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China and Russia are deepening political mutual trust, Xi Jinping said.

China and Russia are deepening political mutual trust, Xi Jinping said.

China and Russia are steadily deepening political mutual trust and maintaining close strategic cooperation, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Wednesday at bilateral talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Chinese leader noted that in March of this year, at Putin’s invitation, he visited Russia on his first state visit after being re-elected for a third term as chairman of the People’s Republic of China.

He added that the heads of the two countries jointly charted a course for the further development of relations between Russia and China, and also “had a deep exchange of views on a number of important international and regional issues.”

“I note with satisfaction that the governments, various departments and regions of our countries are making every effort to implement the agreements reached by me and Mr. President,” Xi Jinping said.

He emphasized that “the political mutual trust of the two countries is steadily deepening, and strategic interaction remains close and effective.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping was in Russia on a state visit on March 20-22, which became his first trip abroad after being re-elected as head of state for a third term. During his visit to Moscow, Russia and China agreed to intensify interaction in the face of Western pressure, among the priority areas of such interaction are increasing trade and investment, updating the transport and logistics system, cooperation in industry, energy, agriculture, high technology, financial sphere.