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China kicks off work on 6G research

China kicks off work on 6G research

China’s inter-ministerial meeting was held this week. It was aimed at the planning of needed research on 6G network, according to China’s Ministry of Science and Technology. The researching sixth-generation telecoms technology has officially started.

The work on 6G research has begun in China, the next phase to promote the latest wireless innovation was discussed thoroughly during a “kick-off” meeting to establish a national 6G technology research and development (R&D) group.

The Chinese government has undoubtedly left behind its main rivals, the US and South Korea, being launched its own 5G network last week. Now, the Chinese ministries and research institutes are ready to plan a working 6G plan. Over last year, technologies related to extra-fast mobile services have become a key conflict point between Washington and Beijing.

The race between countries and China has also embroiled its Huawei Technologies, the largest telecoms equipment vendor, which is heavily involved in building many of these networks in the different corners of the planet.

In May, Washington, fearing that Huawei’s equipment could be used by China for spying, has placed Huawei on a blacklist. That means the Chinese company banned from buying American-made parts. despite Huawei has repeatedly denied the claims, the US government led a campaign to convince its allies to bar it from their 5G networks.

Beijing’s move to kickstart research into 6G comes days after the country’s top three telecoms rolled out 5G mobile phone services nationwide last week.