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China restarts economic engine despite coronavirus

China restarts economic engine despite coronavirus

China’s government hails the first signs of normality with a steady and gradual spell of restorations across the country. ‘Back to work, back to normal’ is a new aegis for the powerful industrial Asian state. Coronavirus has changed the daily life but the infection wasn’t able to stop it, APP reported on Monday.

China, the second-largest economy in the world, has to work hard to reach the 2019 results at least. So far, coronavirus’ impact is worsening the economical indicators but the country is getting back to normal.

China is returning to routine life while shopping plazas are opening up to welcome visitors. Observing a few cautions, people have resumed socialization. A number of factories and production lines are back to business. Some have switched on their operations and some are in the starting mode.

After quarantine protocols, people are less panic and have been enjoying their freedom to venture out to charge up their daily life.

In order to accelerate normalcy, China’s biggest companies even offer bonuses and other stimuli to workers. The biggest cities, Shanghai and Beijing, have also arranged special shuttle buses to bring workers back from the countryside.

The Chinese President Xi Jinping welcomed the normalization of daily life and thanked the city administrations that are catalyzing all measure to bring the life back to routine.

Xingyang City dispatched 740 workers on 23 buses. A police car escorted 36 buses with 803 workers onboard from Puyang to Foxconn. Reports say that Foxconn recently increased its bonus for returning workers to Rmb 5,250 (about $747).

Rival contract manufacturer Pegatron, also an Apple supplier, has raised Rmb10,000 bonuses to attract temporary workers to its Shanghai branch.

Though the majority of the biggest corporations in seven key eastern provinces have already resumed production, small business still faces difficulties in terms of resumption.