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China urges NATO to stop provocations against China

China urges NATO to stop provocations against China

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, commenting at a briefing on media reports about NATO’s plans to call China a “systematic challenge” in its new strategic concept, called on the alliance to abandon provocative statements about Beijing.

“We demand that NATO immediately stop spreading false and provocative statements that are directed against China,” the diplomat said.

Zhao Lijian believes that NATO is a product of the Cold War, with the help of which some states are trying to “preserve their hegemony” by creating “imaginary enemies” for this.

“NATO has long adhered to outdated security concepts. The alliance has long become a tool for maintaining the hegemony of individual countries,” said a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

Zhao Lijian advised the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance to abandon the Cold War mentality, zero-sum games and the search for imaginary enemies. The diplomat stressed that the military bloc had already “made a mess in Europe” and urged not to make a similar mess in Asia and other regions of the world.

Earlier it was reported that in the new strategic concept of NATO, adopted at the summit in Madrid, it is planned to recognize Russia as a “direct threat”, and China as a “systemic challenge” for the alliance.